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SlimLipo is a revolutionary technology which will change plastic surgery-the skin tightening application will replace some body contouring surgical procedures. The most important benefit for me is the absence of contour deformities-the skin remains smooth with no ripples or dents even in very thin patients.” – Brooke Seckel, MD


SlimLipo™ Reviews

“I am an avid exerciser and after 3 kids, couldn’t budge my belly. I decided that for my 43rd birthday, I’d do something about it. A tummy tuck was just too radical for me. I have no scars abdominally and just couldn’t justify the risk and length of the scar. Slim Lipo sounded like a better option for me anyway, because of the loose skin.” – Leslie

SlimLipo™ Review

“I had SlimLipo done on my neck and chin and did not have hardly any lumps and barely any bruising. I am three months out and the skin is still tightening but overall a definite improvement.  The difference with SlimLipo and other lasers is that they use a different wavelength for the fat melting. Laser based liposculpture, however, has been around for quite a while.” – MJ

SlimLipo™ Review

“I have 12 years of lipo experience- SlimLipo™ is the single most important breakthrough I’ve seen!”  - David Kent, MD

SlimLipo™ Review

“Hi all, I had laser lipo performed on January 17, 2011. My physician used the “Slim Lipolaser that utilizes a slightly different wavelength of laser than the tradition “Smart Lipo” laser procedure. I am a little over 1 month post-op, and I am perfectly delighted with the current results. I cannot wait to see the full effects at 3-6 months post-op. I have my perfectly flat belly back! Clothes look great again. I just couldn’t be more pleased.”  - Shawna D.

SlimLipo™ Review

“In September I had SmartLipo performed on my upper and lower abdomen. I had great results except for the belly button area, so I decided to go in and touch that area up and do my flanks. There was much less pain this time the suctioning was still uncomfortable. Recovery has been the same also but I already see results! My waist has definition already and the “fish eye” around my belly button that was very fiberous fat is much decreased already.” – Jennianne

SlimLipo™ Review

“I am a pain wimp and i have to say i was very uncomfortable during the procedure. i had my neck and central/lower abs done. Even though there was no “pain” involved there were some very uncomfortable moments for me. Could i do it again or would i had i realized the actual pain/discomfort involved…i’m not sure. i say go for it… i made SURE i had a board cert. plastic surgeon. i found the cost to be far better than i expected.” – Alicia

SlimLipo™ Review

“As we all know, lipo has never been a skin tightening operation, but SlimLipo™ has opened up an entirely new market. Patients can now be safely treated with SlimLipo™ to not only remove fat but tighten skin.”  - Steven Bloch, MD

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